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New Year;  More Art

New Year; More Art

written by Hearth Member Amy Beth

Like many of you, being creative is important to me. So as I was forming New Year’s resolutions, I knew I wanted to do more art this year. I have designated art time each week, but I have noticed that it is often derailed by a stressful week, hiccups in my personal life, or having to work more. Not only does it derail me during the time the stress happens, I find it can take me a long time–a week, three weeks, a month–to get back into the flow of making art. Somehow the disruption gets multiplied by at least three.  I wanted to do something to change this. I also know myself well enough to know that I don’t do well with trying to make huge overhauls in my life. I needed something doable, small, and measurable. I decided that my goal would be to do art every day, with the minimum being a two minute scrawl.

So far, after about two weeks of implementation, I’ve been able to do some kind of art 6 days out of 7. I’m satisfied with that record as I’m not trying for perfection, just making more art.  I am doing a lot of two minute drawings. However, I’m already starting to notice even in these short sketches insights into how to depict something I’ve struggled to depict or how to move forward with the themes of my artwork. Sometimes they have grown into longer drawings. Also, I’m finding it a really good way to handle the emotions that come up in a typical day–anger, sadness, fatigue. I can draw about them, and it’s a great release.  I haven’t yet started spending the hours I want to at my art studio, but I am moving in the right direction. Even if I just do a lot of little drawings, I am definitely going to do more art this year than last.

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Join me in making a resolution to be creative everyday, no matter your medium or genre. Alternatively, make up your own creative new year’s resolution and share below. Let’s work together to make 2015 a very creative one.