Ticketed Tiny House Tours

On Saturday, September 23 we’re hosting a Pre-Festival Day for the 3rd Annual Tiny House Festival where we will be having ticketed tiny house tours!

Presented by Miranda’s Hearth, the 3rd Annual BIG Tiny House Festival encourages our community to think intentionally about how we live and why we live that way.

UPDATE: These tickets are sold out! We hope you’ll join us for the full free festival on Sunday from 12:00-6:00 pm.

Our festival draws thousands of visitors from across New England and beyond. This means that sometimes the lines to see the inside of the tiny houses get pretty long! That’s why we decided to have a pre-festival day this year with Ticketed, Timed Tours on Saturday!

COST: Each tour costs $35 and there are only 20 tickets per tour! (There is an additional $2.92 fee charged by our ticketing processor). The ticket fee helps cover the cost of tiny house owners moving their homes to the festival and of putting on the festival.

TIMING: There are 10 time slots between 12:00-5:30 pm on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Tours start every half an hour in that period with the last tour starting at 4:30 pm. When you buy your ticket, you will be buying a specific time. We will not be able to accommodate late arrivals, so please make sure that you arrive at the time you chose!

ROUTE: When you arrive at the festival, you will be given a route through the tiny houses that will ensure that you get to personally experience each tiny house and talk to the builder/owner without the lines! We expect each tour to take 1-2 hours.

HOUSES: Right now we have seven tiny houses confirmed for the event, but we’re hoping to find even more! Your ticket will let you explore each, unique house on-site. Stories, photos, and details about each house will be announced as we get closer to the festival.

QUESTIONS? Email miranda@mirandashearth.com with any questions about the event. We look forward to having you there!