Aubergine, the Hearthmade Tiny House, was built by the Hearth Community as part of BIG Art; Tiny House, a yearlong public art project highlighting functional forms of art often overlooked by traditional venues.

Aubergine is a prototype for the long-term goal of Miranda’s Hearth: to become the first community art hotel where everything from the food to the furniture will be handmade by local artists.  Everything inside, including the house itself, is handmade by local artists.

Visit Aubergine at the annual BIG Tiny House Festival!

The Details

Foundation: A 8′ x 20′ trailer
Total Square Footage, With Lofts: 240 square feet
Final cost: $30,000
Labor: 1,000+ volunteer hours
Plumbing System: Grey water tank, fresh water tank, composting toilet
Electrical System: Supports both solar and plugging into the grid
Propane System: Runs the water heater, stove, and fridge
Architectural Plans: Designed by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Experience Prior to Building: None!

Inside Aubergine

Timelapse of the Tiny House Build

Building the Tiny House

Inside the Tiny House