Erin Gum



Dancer, Photographer, Artist

What’s your story?

Miranda's Hearth Member PhotoI spent my childhood playing pretend in the woods of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, learning how to notice and appreciate the little things from my dad and how to create a comfortable space for people from my mom. As foundational as my parents are in my life story, it’s important to note that I was always raised among community. I started life with an expansive imagination and my creative journey wove in and through the inspirations, teachings, and encouragements of many beautiful souls. With them I learned to sing and dance, draw and paint, knit and crochet, write and act, compose photography, throw pottery and work leather. I grew to love people more than anything and discovered that, in community, I found my joy and passion for life. So I moved from the country to the ever-flowing energy of Boston where I work as a nanny and spend my days surrounded by lovely hearts, striving to express the beauty I learned from my father and the love I learned from my mother.

What do you make?

11082227_10206535413368931_147846257335690816_oHm…what DO I make? Art is creative expression and, for an artist, that is simply all there is. It is found twisted into the fibers of the fabric of life: creating the blocks that make the pattern, the stitching that holds the pattern together and the binding that smooths the edges. My art is easily found in my photography, my dance, and my watercolor. But it also exists in the paper cranes and dried roses I see when I wake up, the outfit I choose to wear, the plants I water on the windowsill, my journaling during breaks at work, the dinner I make with friends and the space of music, dance, and comfort we create together.

How did you get involved with Miranda’s Hearth?

I was introduced to the Hearth through Matthew Reese, learning more about the community as he did. It wasn’t long before he was a member and I, still living in Virginia at the time, was completely enamored with the idea of joining this growing art family. When I moved officially to Boston, I started attending events immediately, as many as I could. I can’t remember exactly when I met Miranda – I feel as though I have known her for as long as I have known about the Hearth – but I will always remember our times spent talking about art and life and the Hearth and that golden moment when she looked me in the eyes and said, “So are you ready to do this?”


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