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REUSE Box Truck

A converted moving truck by former HGTV host/author Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and filmmaker/Reuse advocate Alex Eaves with the principal aim of building with and incorporating as many salvaged, repurposed, used, and dumpster dived materials as possible.

This build has been filmed for a future full length documentary and will eventually tour a portion of the US as a “mobile educational dwelling”.


The definition of reusing is the action of using something again. This seemingly simple act has profound effects, as it is an extremely effective solution to the world’s waste problem, even more so than traditional recycling.

That’s what drives Alex Eaves’ mission. He brings together the numerous benefits of reusing for people, our planet, and our wallets to encourage individuals to reduce waste in their daily lives. With his various projects, Eaves provides reuse solutions for our needs and wants to prevent wasted resources, opportunities, money, and time.


Alex Eaves and Derek “Deek” Diedricksen will be transforming a box truck into a mobile reuse education center and living space, combining their knowledge of reuse and building tiny homes. For those not familiar with the tiny home movement, a tiny home is a house smaller than 400 square feet. Like reusing, tiny homes are a great way to save resources, money, and time.

This second life for the truck will provide a way for people to see the benefits of reusing and how they can reduce waste in their own lives. Alex and Deek will be reusing every step of the way: from the truck to the materials to the screws. They will show people how, with a little more thought and creativity, reuse is everywhere and it’s not only beneficial to our planet, but it benefits us and our wallets too. The truck will be based in Massachusetts, but it will surely be traveling.

Features of the truck will include:

●  reuse solutions for our daily lives, from the bed to the food storage to the clothing

●  interior personal living space

●  interior work space

●  ability to host pop up shops outside

●  ability to host talks and small concerts out of the back

●  ability to host screenings of the REUSE! and Box Truck films on the side

 Come see the REUSE Box Truck for yourself on September 23 & 24, 2017 in Stoughton, MA during the 3rd Annual BIG Tiny House Festival!

The YouthBuild Tiny House

The YouthBuild Tiny House

The 3rd Annual BIG Tiny House Festival is just three months away and we’re excited to announce our first tiny house! This house was built by students of YouthBuild Springfield and YouthBuild Fall River as the result of a grant awarded to the Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition for 9/11 Remembrance.  With the grants financial support, YouthBuild studentsContinue Reading

Jaclyn’s Tea Party

Jaclyn’s Tea Party

When I was first trying to come up with a name for this creative community of ours, the Hearth was the easy part. A Hearth isn’t actually the fire, it’s the bedrock underneath the fire, the place where fire happens. It’s the center of the home, of community, of warmth. But the symbol of aContinue Reading

What kind of music can you waltz to?

What kind of music can you waltz to?

When I mention the Hearth’s monthly Waltzday event to people who’ve never waltzed before, they tend to imagine one of three options: 1.) Ballerinas in the Nutcracker: 2.) Dreamy princesses like Cinderella: 3.) Or the old school flirting of movies like Anna Karenina: While all of these are true, they’re a small cross section ofContinue Reading

Book Review: A Man Called Ove

Book Review: A Man Called Ove

written by Hearth Ember, Amy Beth Harrison Ove does not make a great first impression. He is someone who seems to care more about where the recycling goes than how someone is doing. He takes grumpiness to new heights and is seemingly without ability for spontaneity or compassion. However, as I got deeper into theContinue Reading

Call for Knitting

Call for Knitting

-written by Hearth Founder, Miranda Aisling In 2011, I was painting an eight foot by eight foot unstretched canvas, also known as a sheet of fabric staple gunned to the wall. As I stood mere inches from the painting, outlining a series of circles, I found myself distracted by the weave of the canvas itself.Continue Reading

The Annual Existential Crisis

We’re three days away from the second largest Hearth Event of the year: cue my annual existential crisis. Last week, amidst slower than hoped ticket sales, expensive car maintenance, a family visit, and (as an atheist) my first adult attendance to Easter services, it was to be expected. Thursday night, as I drew into the finalContinue Reading

WhatIMake: Glass and Plasma Sculptures

WhatIMake: Glass and Plasma Sculptures

“Essentially what I do is take electricity and turn it into light using glass as the medium,” explained Wayne Strattman at the beginning of his talk on April 16, 2016. Wayne was one of 10 multidisciplinary makers who presented the first WhatIMake event hosted by Miranda’s Hearth at Artisan’s Asylum and Aeronaut Brewery. Wayne received aContinue Reading

Book Review: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

Book Review: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

written by Hearth Board Member, Nina Earley “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke 90 pages, very quick read 4-6 hours total I gave this book to my brother as a gift when I first moved away from home; I think he must have been 15 or 16. I’d like to think itContinue Reading

Creative Exploration and Authentic Relationships

Creative Exploration and Authentic Relationships

written by Hearth Founder, Miranda Aisling Last month, the fifteen Hearth Embers met for our annual meeting to discuss why we do what we do. Out of all the organizations we can be a part of and all of the events that we can go to, what is it that continually draws us to theContinue Reading

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