The Embers

Miranda’s Hearth was founded on the principle that a business is only as strong as the people who make it.  We could not as for a stronger foundation than our fifteen Embers.  Each Ember contributes a unique vision, energy, and project to the Hearth rooted in their diverse backgrounds as educators, entrepreneurs, dancers, engineers, musicians, and artists.

Every project, blog post, event at Miranda’s Hearth comes directly from the efforts of these individuals.  Without them, none of the Hearth programming would be possible.

If you are interested in becoming one of the Hearth Embers or would like to nominate someone you know, send an email to

 Ember Responsibilities  Ember Benefits
  • Attend at least six Hearth Dinners per year.
  • Volunteer at two or more events.
  • Attend the annual meeting in February and the Embers Retreat in August.
  • Take on a project that both engages you personally and helps Miranda’s Hearth continue to grow.
  • Share the Hearth Message through social media and word of mouth.
  • Access to The Embers Facebook Group and Listserve,
  • A platform to share and support new projects and ideas.
  • 50% off all ticketed Hearth Events
  • Invitation to the monthly Ember’s Only events.
  • A vital role at the center of a growing creative community.